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      Design represents and characterizes a company and is the very first thing a visitor sees. It attracts and keep customers coming back or, on the contrary, can make a negative impression on potential clients. For this very reason our company tries to emphasize on the appearance of the site and spends a lot of time on finding the best solution for every client. Please check out our Portfolio Here!


We do redesign for existing websites. With time style and web-programming techniques are changing and what was modern a year or two ago has nothing to do with today’s fashion and programming laws. New technologies constantly develop nowadays and web-site should be redesigned once in two years to be ahead of competitors. As a rule, redesign is not just changing of the appearance of your site, but re-coding too. It can be said that redesign is the renovation of the site. This process can include: new design, changing of the structure, new components, animation, etc.

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